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Ulin Gameworks is a game studio from Bandung, Indonesia. Core-based game design and development, Ulin Gameworks formed in May, 2012 and began our first work on July, 2012.

With Passion and Hard work Ulin creates games with a good quality, good design, good fun, and good edutainment for your life.

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The Utans

In other galaxy far far from the earth there was planet called mavas, The planet itself have similar characteristic with Borneo and Sumatra's Tropical rainforest on earth. the planet where creatures called ‘Utans’ inhabit the planet.

Right now Planet mavas is under attack by unknown 'invanders', the utans must defends their home from them and return peace on the planet of mavas. And now they need your help!!! You can play Utans also at kongregate and thepcaa.org. Or you can try doctor games or kissing games.


Help the Utans to defend their planet using your brilliant friv game. Command the utans to stop the invaders with melee or range skills of the Utans. Upgrade their standard to superior abilities using various special seeds, kick the invaders harder than ever! Prepare to face the terrible invaders on various stages. Can you save Mavas? Сan you bring glory to the Utans?

Ulin Gameworks starts up company specialized in multiplatform video game development. We were established in June 2012. We believe we can bring prosperity not just to our founders and funders, but also to our staff and people around the world & become friends for the world. For us becoming friends is to share and carу ща each other in bad or good situation.